Google is always looking to enhance its various services with additional data for users like it does with search. Google Flight Search is one of those services and has now been upgraded to offer even more helpful data about your upcoming flights.

On top of a series of links to purchase plane tickets directly from the airlines, Google's Flight Search now has the ability to outline the amenities you can expect once you have already purchased your seat(s). It is not always possible to know whether or not your seat will include outlets or what the type of media options will be, but Google's new partnership with flight review service Routehappy is attempting to change that.

Search queries inside Google Flight will bring back data including whether or not there will be WiFi readily available on the flight, power outlets, and personal content device streaming. It will also, in some cases, provide you with the amount of leg room (in inches) to expect for your particular seat.

While in some instances this may not be the kind of data travelers couldn't have gotten elsewhere, it is certainly a handy and simple option to have available at a moment's notice.