HTC has tried essentially everything to break out of its mobile market slump over the past couple of years. Executive shakeups, strategy adjustments, an increased focus on high-end products, an increased focus on low to mid-tier devices, you name it.

Still, the Taiwanese giant continues to bleed money and lose precious share to Apple and Samsung, as well as up-and-comers from China. The logical next step in the effort to stabilize the once thriving business unfortunately calls for layoffs, cost cutbacks and a reduction of handheld models.

Chief Financial Officer Chialin Chang ominously said to Reuters that "the cuts will be across the board" and "they will be significant." No precise number was disclosed, but apparently, the layoffs will come by the end of 2016's first quarter.

Despite the One M9 failing to keep up with rival flagship sales, HTC is reportedly hell-bent on regaining its high-end prosperity. The primary target is India and similar emerging markets, where consumers may be swayed by a robust quality-price ratio.

A slew of dependable tipsters suggested in recent months the M9 will be followed up by an "intermediate" hero device codenamed Aero in late 2015. Then, a drastic redesign should take place in H1 2016, possibly in combination with a big price cut. Let's just hope the muscular aluminum constructions won't be replaced by flimsier plastic frames.

Come to think of it, smartphone build quality is probably the only thing HTC doesn't need to alter.