Apple has publically released the first major update (but third overall) for iOS 9 since its September launch. iOS 9.1, available as of writing as an over-the-air update, includes a handful of noteworthy additions and changes including a tweak for Live Photos.

As I noted in my recent review of the iPhone 6s Plus, Live Photos is a new feature that combines a picture with a snippet of video captured 1.5 seconds before and 1.5 seconds after you snap an image. It sounds like a novel concept yet in practice, what you end up with more often than not on the back end of the video is a clip of you lowering the phone to put it back in your pocket.

iOS 9.1 remedies the situation. Now, when snapping a Live Photo, the camera can detect if you start to lower your phone for a trip to the pocket and will stop recording which should result in more practical Live Photos. Now if Apple can just work on boosting the quality of video captured as part of a Live Photo, they'd be on to something.

The other major thing that users are likely to notice is the addition of more than 150 new emojis with support for Unicode 7.0 and 8.0 emoji characters.

The update also includes stability improvements to CarPlay, Music, Photos, Safari and Search, improved performance while in the Multitasking UI and a collection of other small bug fixes. You can download now the update manually for iPhone, iPad, and iPod from our drivers section.