Square Enix on Tuesday announced a new role playing game project from a brand new studio out of Tokyo. Details are a bit scant at this hour but here's everything we know thus far.

Project Prelude Rune, as the game is tentatively being called, is being produced by Hideo Baba who will also serve as the head of Studio Istolia. Baba, a veteran with 18 years of experience in game development, joined Namco in 2001 and is perhaps best known for his work on the "Tales" series.

Square Enix says the new RPG is to unfold across a vast land teeming with life. Nurtured by the land, the people that inhabit it dare to dream and fight for what is just, the story goes.

The name "Istolia" is derived from the Greek word for "story" and is said to be central to the studio's primary goal of providing unforgettable stories that will both inspire players in their own lives and bring new game experiences to everyone around the world.

Outside of some accompanying concept art, this is pretty much all we have to go on right now. Square Enix promises to share further details on Project Prelude Rune at a later date.