In context: Consistency is a big factor for many when it comes to food prep and I can't think of anything more consistent than a robot making food the exact same way each and every time.

Robotic bartenders have been serving up cocktails to cruise passengers for years and soon, that level of automation will be available on land.

Creator, formerly known as Momentum Machines, will be opening to the public in San Francisco next Wednesday. The start-up has crafted a robotic burger-making machine consisting of 20 computers, 350 sensors and 50 actuators that grinds meat to order, seasons it, cooks it and adds toppings - all in just five minutes.

Best yet, the gourmet burger will cost customers just $6.

The first storefront has two machines that can produce around 120 burgers per hour. It'll be a bit slower than that at launch although over time as techniques improve, that figure could ramp up to as many as 400 per hour according to Bloomberg.

Creator will offer four different burgers at opening although the real fun will start a few months later when the accompanying app arrives, allowing diners to customize things like the type and amount of sauce, seasoning and cheese added to their creations.

Creator aims to bring its burger-making machines to other cities over time as well as venues like airports, stadiums, universities and train stations.

All images courtesy Kate Krader, Bloomberg