Political drama House of Cards may be one of Netflix's most popular shows, but its future looked a bit rocky a few months ago.

To be clear, ratings for the show have always been high, and fans generally like all five of the seasons released so far.

However, one of the show's main stars, Kevin Spacey (who portrays Frank Underwood on screen), was accused of sexual assault last year.

This accusation prompted Netflix to pull the plug on the show's production, later booting Spacey from its platform entirely. Naturally, this decision raised concern among House of Cards fans about the potential for additional seasons.

Fortunately, Netflix resumed production after deciding to shift the show's focus from Spacey to his main co-star, Robin Wright. A teaser for the show's sixth season was revealed back in March, but now we know when we'll be able to binge watch the series once again.

Netflix today announced on Twitter that the "Final Season" of House of Cards will be arriving on November 2, 2018. Whether or not fans will choose to stick with the show without one of its main characters remains to be seen.