Highly anticipated: Nvidia has put an end to the rumors surrounding its upcoming gaming GPU by releasing a video filled to the brim with clever hints, which essentially confirm the device's existence and clarify its purpose. From what we can gather, the video card – likely dubbed the GeForce "RTX" 2080 – will be focused on ray tracing technology.

Rumors surrounding Nvidia's upcoming 2000-series GPUs have been surfacing all over the internet as of late, but it's tough to separate true leaks from mere hoaxes.

One thing seems certain, though - Nvidia is going to show off something big at Gamescom in Germany this month. Now, courtesy of a number of easter eggs tucked into an official teaser video, we have a much better idea of what that might be.

In the video (which you can watch below), Nvidia shows off what is clearly a new video card, but its hard to make out details due to clever camera angles. However, you can clearly see a new backplate with intricate new details.

As previously stated, the teaser contains quite a few easter eggs, mostly in the form of chat messages in gaming clients.

TechRadar compiled a list of these hints (via Reddit), and all signs point towards a gaming-oriented GPU likely called the GeForce "RTX" 2080.

Among other things, these hints include text and usernames like Not_11, Eight-Tee, and RoyTeX. Additionally, the video seems to contain GPS coordinates that lead directly to the location of Nvidia's GeForce Gaming Celebration, which will be held during Gamescom.

Even if these hints didn't exist, Nvidia's reveal of a consumer-grade ray tracing GPU seems inevitable - the company already officially showed off workstation-class GPUs with real-time ray tracing capabilities on Monday.