WTF?! Unless you've been living under a rock recently, you've probably heard of a little game called Fortnite, which appears to be taking over the world right now. If any more evidence of this is required, a French marketing agency has revealed that it is asking candidates to play the game during job interviews.

The company in question, called Dare.Win, is looking for people to fill a six-month internship post in Paris, where they will work on creating content for brands such as Spotify, Bacardi, and YouTube.

Candidates are asked to add the company on the PlayStation Network, which is likely the preferred platform of choice because PlayStation is one of Dare.Win's clients. Players will use the in-game voice chat to complete the interview during the game and will fight on the same side as the interviewers for around an hour.

Interviewees won't be judged on their Fortnite skills. "We're not pro players ourselves," said Dare.Win agent Thomas Brouchon. "The way someone plays can say a lot about their personality, especially about decision-making and how they deal with problems."

Fortnite: Battle Royale was chosen due to its incredible popularity and because it's free. The company says applicants from several countries, including Sweden, Mexico, Turkey, and the Netherlands have applied for the Paris-based job. Anyone interested in the position can apply here

Being able to concentrate on the questions and answers while playing Fortnite won't be an easy task for candidates and interviewers. Thankfully, those who would rather take a traditional interview, or don't own a PlayStation 4, can email the company to request one.