The big picture: Perhaps work like this will inspire other developers to revisit their classic IP and re-release them as HD versions. I could easily come up with a dozen or more titles that I'd love to see get the neural net treatment.

More often than not, remakes of classic games get lost in translation. This typically happens when a developer screws with something they have no business touching (like controls) when all that is needed is a pure visual overhaul.

Fortunately, Hidfan from the Doomworld forums "gets" it.

Version 0.95 of the user's Doom Neural Upscale 2X project is now available to download. With the pack, Hidfan has run the game's textures and sprites through neural networks which upscaled the resources 8x then downscaled them 2x as to not fully lose the pixelated aesthetic.

Hidfan had to clean up a lot of the textures by hand and manually enhance all of the transparency masks. The results, however, are incredible and well worth the effort.

It's a timely release as Doom just celebrated its 25th anniversary on Monday.

Those interested in giving the texture mod a try can find the requisite files and installation instructions over on the Doomworld forums.

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