The big picture: One thing is for certain – taking out a full-page ad in The Times isn’t cheap. According to the publication’s rate card, a full page, nationwide ad run during a weekday goes for $179,029 (plus another $75,029 for international distribution). As best we can tell, OnePlus bought four full pages.

OnePlus recently took out a massive ad in The New York Times to promote its upcoming OnePlus 7 Pro. Rather than tease features the phone will have, OnePlus is boasting about what its handset won't include.

No bells & whistles. No bezel. No notch. No app lag. No bloatware. No $2,000 price tag. No random music.

With the admissions, OnePlus is essentially taking aim at virtually every major handset manufacturer including both Apple and Samsung. I’m a bit surprised they didn’t call out Samsung on its durability issues with the Galaxy Fold.

OnePlus in its Times ad also promoted the fact that it topped the charts in PC Mag’s Readers’ Choice survey for overall satisfaction. There is also a blueprint revealing the design of the OnePlus 7 Pro which shows what appears to be a pop-up selfie camera. I guess OnePlus doesn’t file this under the “bells & whistles” category?

OnePlus is set to unveil its new smartphones on May 14.