In context: Video streaming services swayed cable customers over to their side early on by offering a better value. They promised HD shows, movies, and more – from the comfort of your laptop or smartphone – for one straightforward and often affordable monthly price. Unfortunately, as of late, many platforms are seeing their content get carved up and migrated to competing services, or raising prices at more frequent intervals.

For better or worse, PlayStation Vue is the latest service to fall into the latter category. PlayStation today announced in a blog post that "subscription changes" are on the way for anyone with a Vue membership, which means the cost of every single multi-channel plan will be going up by $5.

Prior to this change, $45/month netted you the most basic "Access" plan, and the most expensive "Ultra" subscription sat at around $80/month. Now, PlayStation Vue's plans will be respectively priced at $49.99, $54.99, $64.99, and $84.99 for Access, Core, Elite, and Ultra subscriptions.

If you've never heard of Vue before, it is essentially a streaming-based cable alternative for cord-cutters. You can watch live sports, news, and just about anything else you'd have access to with a traditional cable plan; just without the hassle of a contract, up-selling, or a cable box.

So, what's PlayStation's reasoning behind this change? In truth, there isn't any – the announcement merely states that PlayStation will "continue to focus on making PS Vue the premier destination for live TV streaming," and that the company "constantly [evaluates] each deal" to ensure it delivers the "content you want."

PlayStation did not specify why this change was necessary, or what the trade-off will be for customers. It is worth noting, though, that these changes won't go into effect for existing subscribers until their first billing cycle that occurs on or after July 31. New subscribers, on the other hand, will be affected by the price increases right away.

Further, though $5 isn't an insignificant price jump, it isn't wholly unexpected, either – Vue got a similar price increase around this time last year, so perhaps this will be the tradition moving forward.