In brief: The South Korean tech giant is reportedly working with designer Thom Browne on the effort with the goal of appealing to a broader range of consumers, not just tech-minded buyers. It'll feature cutting-edge tech, mind you, but also appeal to nostalgic buyers interested in rejuvenating the flip phone.

Samsung's vision with its first... and next... foldable smartphone was to create a device that opens up like a book, transforming the handset into what's more or less a small tablet. The concept has some intrigue although manufacturing issues have kept it and similar phones like the Mate X at bay thus far.

As futuristic as it might seem, foldable phones aren't a new concept. Indeed, most phones from the mid-2000s featured a clamshell design with a flip-out screen. When closed, the handsets were roughly half their normal size which made them easily pocketable. It was a tangible benefit and one that could make a return thanks to foldable displays.

Sources familiar with the matter told Bloomberg that Samsung is working on a phone with a 6.7-inch inner display that folds inwards like a traditional clamshell. A hole-punch selfie camera will be positioned at the top of the inner display with two more cameras on the outside that'll face forward when the device is closed. It'll be thinner than the Galaxy Fold and more affordable, too, we're told.

News of a second-gen Galaxy Fold matching this description first surfaced in June although with the original Fold's continued delay, the mid-2020 launch window could be in jeopardy. Indeed, one source said the launch will hinge (no pun intended) on how well the Fold sells once it launches.

Motorola is also said to be working on a modern version of its iconic Razr phone with a foldable display. Early fan-made concepts of the new Razr look incredibly promising and have even garnered the attention of parent company Lenovo.

Motorola Razr image by Lenscap Photography