WTF?! The Tokyo Olympic games take place next summer, and one of the problems organizers have to address is the scorching temperatures combined with the high humidity the city regularly experiences in July. One unusual solution that could be implemented is artificial snow, which would be sprayed over crowds in the stands.

Tokyo often sees temperatures over 95 degrees in July. With humidity reaching 80 percent, spectators at the Tokyo games face the risk of heatstroke.

Several unusual cooling solutions for the 2020 Olympics have been tested, from hats shaped like umbrellas to keep wearers shaded, to misting machines. But the latest strategy is perhaps the most unusual.

As reported by the Japan Times, organizers tested the artificial snow machine at the Sea Forest Waterway in Tokyo Bay, which will host the Olympic and Paralympic rowing and canoeing events.

It appears that the test wasn't a complete success. The volunteers packed into the stadium were covered in 650 pounds of snow-like flakes in a matter of minutes, causing them to become soaked through and making the floor very slippery. There was also the fake snow itself, which is described as "fairly coarse shards of shaved ice," and the temperature remained the same throughout the experiment.

Takashi Okamura, head of communication, command and control on the organising committee, told the BBC the test result was "not as expected," but did add that "the advantage of this machine is having a spray device to help the audience feel refreshed - and the amusement factor."

The Olympic committee hasn't yet decided whether to use the fake snow at the event, but it will be carrying out more tests.