What just happened? According to Sony's second-quarter earnings report, the company managed to sell another 2.8 million PlayStation 4 consoles between July and September, and hit a new milestone in the hardware's lifecycle. Given that the PS4 sold 100 million units three months ago, the tally now adds up to 102.8 million, surpassing the 102.5 million sales figure of the original PlayStation.

The PlayStation 4 reached its peak a while ago, hitting the 100 million sales milestone last July and cementing its lead in the current console generation. The fourth iteration of Sony's gaming console has been a huge hit for the company, with sales figures now surpassing that of the original PS as well as the Nintendo Wii, which sold 101.6 million units at the time.

Despite this success, the PS4 is still the second-best selling console of all time, standing in the shadow of the formidable PlayStation 2, which sold a whopping 155 million units in its lifetime and is likely going to keep the crown for the forseeable future.

The current console generation is coming to an end, so the PS4 might just have to accept a formidable second place as hype around the upcoming PlayStation 5 builds every passing day.

And yet, there's plenty of life left in the PS4 to keep things interesting with big exclusives. The much awaited Death Stranding – a timed exclusive – is coming next week, while Naughty Dogs' The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima from Sucker Punch Productions will be gracing the console next year.