What just happened? It appears that foldable phones still have a durability problem. An owner of the Motorola Razr, which launched less than two weeks ago, has reported a screen peeling problem that not only looks bad but is also affecting the touchscreen functionality.

The Motorola Razr has been met with mostly poor reviews since launch, and news that one of the phones is experiencing screen peeling won't help its reputation. The device had been owned by Input for a little over a week before Raymond Wong noticed a problem with the $1,500 handset.

In his article, Wong writes that sometime during a 45-minute train ride, the Razr's display peeled apart at the fold. He says the phone was closed in his front jeans pocket the entire journey, and that there's no visible damage anywhere on the device.

As you can see in the photos, the peeling has created a massive horizontal bubble between the screen and the laminate. And while the top and bottom parts of the display still work, the warped surface in the middle makes touches virtually unresponsive.

Exactly how the damage occurred is still a mystery. Wong says the Razr was never dropped and has never been moist, wet, or even near liquid. He theorizes that it could have been caused by the change in temperature when using it outside on a freezing day before taking it into his warm apartment.

In a pre-release 'Caring for Razr' video, Motorola said that "bumps and lumps" were "normal" in the plastic screen, which hasn't gone down well with reviewers.

Soon after its release, CNET put the phone in a device called "FoldBot" with a goal of reaching 100,000 folds, but the hinge mechanism broke at around 27,000 folds, roughly four hours in. Motorola objected to the test, noting that the bot was designed for use with the Galaxy Fold, meaning it was putting undue stress on the Razr's hinge and not allowing the phone to open and close as intended.

We've also seen iFixit perform one of its takedowns on the Razr, calling it the most complicated phone it's ever taken apart. Elsewhere, rival foldable the Galaxy Z Flip also appears less durable than first thought, with a recent test showing how easily its Ultra Thin Glass display is damaged.

All images courtesy of Input