Something to look forward to: There was plenty of excitement when AMD last year announced a partnership with Samsung that would bring RDNA graphics to smartphones, but we've not heard much since then. Now, though, an online leak claims to show the results of the companies' deal: an RDNA-based mobile GPU that kills the Adreno 650 found in top flagships, including the Galaxy S20 series

AMD and Samsung's multi-year strategic partnership licenses AMD's graphics IP for use in mobile applications, including smartphones. In August, the Korean giant revealed in its earnings call that the first RDNA-Exynos chips would arrive in 2021 at the earliest.

Last week, Twitter user @Kaz9837 noticed that benchmark figures for the RDNA-Exynos mobile GPU had appeared on South Korean tech forum Clien. The performance numbers come from a GFXBench test, and as you can see below, they're very impressive. Notebookcheck included the same results from the Adreno 650 for comparison.

Test RDNA Mobile Chip Adreno 650 Performance difference
Manhatten 3.1 181.8 fps 123 fps 48% increase
Aztec Normal 138.25 fps 53.5 fps 158% increase
Aztec High 58 fps 20 fps 190% increase

The Adeno 650 is the mobile GPU that's part of Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 system on a chip. It's found on many high-end handsets, such as the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Samsung's Exynos chip, which replaces the Snapdragon SoC in many overseas locations, including all of Europe, has faced plenty of criticism lately. Some S20-series owners have complained about the chip, with reported issues including overheating, poor autofocus performance, limited battery life, and incompatibility problems that have stopped games such as Pokémon Go from working. There was even a petition demanding Samsung stops using Exynos SoCs because they're supposedly inferior to the Snapdragon chips.

The post also says the RDNA chip still needs work, especially in the area of power consumption, but the companies should have the it ready by that 2021 date.