Facepalm: If you're going to sell cheats and hacks for popular games, be prepared to make some public apologies if the companies come after you. That's what happened with CxCheats.net, which received a legal threat from Activision for its Call of Duty products.

CxCheats website offers cheats for several high-profile titles, including Apex Legends and PUBG. There were also Warzone and Modern Warfare cheats that included aimbots and increasing the radar size in the UI. As noted by Eurogamer, it even sold a Modern Warfare lobby tool, though Activision removed a YouTube video that promoted it following a copyright claim.

Activision, of course, isn't happy about cheats being sold for its lucrative property. It's a problem present in many online games and has been especially prevalent in the free-to-play battle royale title Warzone. As such, the company threatened CxCheats with legal action.

In a statement on its Discord server, which has now been taken down, CxCheats wrote: "As a result of our lawsuit with Activision, we have agreed to cease development and support for all Call of Duty related products or services sold through the site."

"These products will not be returning to CxCheats in any form." There's also a warning that anyone who uses the cheats could have their Activision account banned or suspended. "We apologize for any pain we've caused to players of Call of Duty."

At the time of writing, the Cxcheats.net website can't be accessed, presumably for reasons related to the legal threat. The CoD cheats had been removed, and those already sold were no longer functioning---some buyers started demanding their $60 back.

Unsurprisingly, not everyone is convinced that CxCheats' penitent statement is sincere. One has to wonder why it sold the CoD cheats for so long if players' pain was a concern, apologizing only when it got threatened with a lawsuit.