Blast from the past: If you're looking for a solid fix of nostalgia, look no further. The interactive Winamp Skin Museum recently went live, and it doesn't get much more late 90s and early aughts than this.

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A collective history of Winamp skins, all aggregated onto one infinitely scrolling page isn't something you know you need – until you see it. Frankly, this is what 2020 has been missing. From Final Fantasy VII to Surge, the whole gang is here.

The Winamp Skin Museum takes the Winamp skins that have been preserved over at The Internet Archive, and presents them in a much more interactive and functional interface. Interactive because you can scroll through and click on a skin to immediately preview it, and functional because with one more click, the skin can be loaded into Webamp. Webamp is a browser-based version of Winamp 2 that runs on HTML5 and JavaScript.

Both the Winamp Skin Museum and Webamp are side projects that Jordan Eldredge is responsible for. Additionally, Eldredge has the Winamp Skin Twitter bot that tweets a different Winamp skin every few hours. These skins can be loaded directly into a browser via Webamp.

Overall, it's a wonderful homage to the best media player that ever graced our desktops, and an important part of internet history and content creation.

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