What just happened? A playable prototype of a canceled Castlevania game for the Sega Dreamcast has seemingly surfaced and is thought to be the first time that such footage has been shown publicly. It's unclear what the person behind the YouTube video plans to do next, if anything at all. The prevailing hope is that the contents of the disc will be shared online for preservation purposes, but for now, all we have is this footage to work with.

Konami in the late 90s started working on Castlevania: Resurrection, a 3D action platformer featuring Sonia Belmont and Victor Belmont. Oh, and it involved time travel, allowing the story to be set in 1666 before the events of the original Castlevania.

As the story goes, the game was shown to select members of the press in private at E3 1999. In March 2000, however, Konami quietly canceled the project. Most assumed the game had been lost to Father Time but that all changed on April 4 when YouTube channel cvr exists published what appears to be footage of an early prototype in action.

The three-minute-long clip shows sequences from several of the game's stages, all loaded from a central menu. Damage also appears to be disabled. The date on the Dreamcast disc is "11-5-99."

Per Jason Lee Elliott, one of the artists that worked on the title, the game was doomed from the start. "Most of the team had only ever worked on sports games so they had no idea how to make a 3D action platformer," Elliott said. "The art team wasn't very cohesive and couldn't agree on a direction," he added.

Masthead courtesy Interneteable