A hot potato: Nintendo finally unveiled the long-rumored next version of the Nintendo Switch on Monday, and quite a few fans were disappointed. While it does use OLED technology and comes with more storage, the expected 4K support and inclusion of DLSS is missing---even a Nintendo marketer thinks people shouldn't upgrade if they don't care about the new display.

The new hybrid device, imaginatively named the Nintendo Switch OLED model, does offer a few upgrades over the current version: the 6.2-inch LCD is now a 7-inch OLED; the 32GB of storage has increased to 64GB; there's an adjustable stand; improved audio; and a new dock with a wired Ethernet jack.

Where the latest Switch doesn't differ from its predecessor is the internals. We'd seen reports of support for 4K resolutions, the addition of Nvidia's DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling), a new custom-designed SoC with improved CPU, and more RAM, but all are missing from the Switch OLED model.

Replying to a tweet asking if the new Switch offers improved performance, Nintendo of America Manager of product marketing JC Rodrigo wrote: "Nope. Not what's for. Stick with the current one if you're not digging the screen."

Given the number of reports of an upgraded 4K Switch Pro, there's always the chance Nintendo could release the more powerful model next year when the global chip shortage has alleviated, though such a move would doubtlessly anger those who buy a Switch OLED model when it releases on October 8 for $349.99.

h/t: VGC