Download this: Many platforms have different free offerings that rotate from time to time. Others have free finds buried in their store pages with little to no promotion. We've done the search for you to bring you some digital goodies to play with. There's AAA shooters, point-and-click games from the 90's, and even a silly indie game where you throw hot dogs at wasps. Free games abound! Check out these offers before they expire for some excellent entertainment.

Steam steals

With an ever-expanding roster of free games, Steam hosts some free gems, and duds, if you're willing to comb through their store. Just head to the game's store page and click the "Play Game" button if you find something you like.

Bless Unleashed - Now on PC

Bless Unleashed came out in February of last year but was exclusive to consoles until earlier this month. It seems to take some departures from the failed Bless Online which released in 2018. I would encourage you to check this one out with an open mind even though its moniker is soiled a bit by the preceding iteration. It uses a combo system for abilities like its older counterpart but seems to be much more oriented around fast paced action and movement.

Peblito: Rock and Roll

Free now on Steam, this charming little collect-a-thon offers a combination of upbeat, cheery visuals and sounds with simple and satisfying gameplay. It's a great choice if you're looking for a game to relax with and lift your spirits, or perhaps revisit your nostalgia for the similar games from the 90's like Banjo-Kazooie.

Endless Space Collection - Free with registration to Games2Gether

Endless Space is a sci-fi strategy game where you'll control spacecraft while they battle for secrets and resources left over from an ancient civilization called The Endless. This game is available through a promotion that involves linking your Steam account to another platform.

Head to the Games2Gether page, and go through the quick registration process. Once that's done, you will be prompted to link to your Steam account. Then, check your rewards (the present icon, top right of the G2G page) and there will be a code for Endless Space and its DLC.

Epic games on Epic Games

The Epic Games Store offers a rotation of absolutely great titles for free. The lineup changes somewhat erratically, especially around holidays and industry events, but can typically be expected to have at least one game rotate through on a weekly basis.

To claim the free offerings just go down to the free games section and proceed as if you were buying something normally. Once the title is in your library it's yours to keep.

Void Bastards - Free until August 26th

The game's about section boasts of choice, customization, and preparation while its trailer shows off a certain level of nonsense and tomfoolery. While these two ideas seem to contradict one another it seems like Void Bastards combines them into the kind of channeled chaos that makes for great fun. You're tasked with blasting your way out of a dangerous part of space to lead your team, The Void Bastards, home in this extravagant first person shooter.

Yooka-Laylee - Free from August 19th to August 26th

As the titular characters, Yooka and Laylee, you'll traverse a colorful world, collect stuff, bonk monsters, and engage with silly characters like the fan favorite, Trouser Snake. You'll probably want to skip this one if you're only keen on competitive games, but if the trailer looks like a fun little romp, then give this one a shot.

Automachef - Free from August 26th to September 2nd

Automachef is a lot of auto and very little chef. In this puzzle game your goal is to puzzle out how to make automated kitchens in a similar, albeit tastier looking, fashion to Factorio. If you like brain-teasers or have a sick obsession with conveyor belts then this is definitely a title to claim during its free week.

Primo picks on Prime Gaming

Prime Gaming isn't actually free, it comes with a subscription to Amazon Prime. Seeing as more than half of Americans either have Prime or are part of a family account, it's likely that many readers will have access to their rotating selection of free titles for no additional cost.

Head to Prime Gaming and click claim on the games you'd like to add them to your library in the Amazon Games app.

Battlefield V - Available until September 1st

There's not much we can tell you about the top-tier shooter Battlefield franchise that you don't already know. Battlefield V is set in 1941 with a short story mode, the nice online staples of the franchise, and a new battle royale mode.

Unlike most of the Prime Gaming offerings this game is claimed for unlock via a code for Origin. Click "claim" as usual and you'll see a code along with detailed instructions on how to redeem it through a couple of different methods.

Lost Horizon 2 - Available until September 1st

In this point-and-click adventure you are a British soldier tasked with saving your family from powerful enemies during the Cold War. The historic elements are also paired with the fantasy of tomb delving and notes of the supernatural and occult.

Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story - Available until September 1st

The titular Laura has disappeared, and it's your job to find her. In a unique, modern iteration of the age-old mystery tale of "find the missing person" you'll use the information on her lost smartphone to piece the puzzle together. Use her contacts, messages, social media posts to sleuth out how and why she's gone missing.

Planet Alpha - Available until September 1st

Explore a strange and alien world in this 2D platformer. There's mystery and danger all around as you make your way through beautiful and colorful dreamscape and learn to harness your latent ability to control the day/night cycle of the planet and learn how it interacts with the flora and fauna in interesting way while you make your way through alternating scenic views and chaotic set-pieces.

A Normal Lost Phone - Available until September 1st

The predecessor to Another Lost Phone, you'll look through the phone and become intimately familiar with the life of Sam, who disappeared right after they turned 18. You'll use PM's, posts, status updates, etc. to come to an understanding of the mysterious missing persons case.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis - Available until September 1st

This point-and-click adventure is absolutely ancient relative to the other offerings on this list. Originally an MS-DOS game from 1992, but now on Prime Gaming. Explore ancient ruins and discover lost artifacts as Indiana Jones as you race against Nazi agents to find the mystical weapon that destroyed Atlantis.

Metamorphosis - Available until September 1st

You play as Gregor, and find yourself awaking one morning as a tiny bug. The game is centered around exploring the surprisingly advanced society of bugs in an attempt to return to your original body while also racing against the clock so you can help your friend, Joseph, when he needs you the most.

Secret Files: Tunguska - Available until September 1st

In this point-and-click adventure game, Based around the historic Tunguska event, you'll explore the story of a world-wide conspiracy as the daughter of a missing scientist whose just out to find her dad. Check it out while it's still free.'s store is still the place to be to discover indie games. There's lots of low effort dreck there, but some truly fun games from small developers appear with some frequency as well. If you find something you really like, consider supporting those developers because any one of them might produce the next smash-hit indie classic.

Here are the 10 most popular free games on

  • Polygon: Weiner Boy 6
  • The Playhouse
  • A Dream Remake
  • Survive 10
  • Pizza Boy
  • Ara and the Empty Universe
  • Dino Island The Four Crystals
  • The Dark Forest Guardians
  • Planet NME
  • The Old Prison

GOG's great grabs

GOG's website has a nice static selection of freebies. Outside of that, they offer promotions from time to time like the one below.

The Witcher 1: Enhanced Edition - Free with GOG Galaxy download

It is unlikely, if you're reading this list, that you haven't heard of The Witcher 3, a critically acclaimed open-world RPG from 2015. Well, this offering is for a touched up version of the original The Witcher, the game that kicked off the whole series.

Download the GOG Galaxy desktop client and sign in, or create an account if you don't have one. The first thing you see after that should be the main page, where you can grab The Witcher.