Why it matters: If you've ever fumbled around with a measuring tape, you can appreciate all the functionality that the T1 Tomahawk has to offer. Whether hanging a picture or marking where to cut a piece of wood, both professionals and hobbyists can benefit from a measuring tool that does just about everything.

On Tuesday, construction tool startup Reekon Tools launched a Kickstarter campaign for its newest gadget, the T1 Tomahawk. The T1 is a somewhat bulky tape measure, but it makes up for the bulk with so many handy features that it's hard to complain.

At its heart, the Tomahawk is a high-end 25-foot professional tape measure with all the features you would expect, like an omnidirectional magnetic hook, a blade lock, and replaceable blade. Where the T1 shines is its almost overwhelming list of features. Seriously. There is so much this device can do we're only going to mention the functionality we find the most intriguing.

The T1 Tomahawk is a little over 6-inches long and weighs about a pound and a half. It has two digital screens---a top-mounted OLED and a side-mounted E-Paper display. The OLED is primarily used to show a digital readout of the measurement. The E-Paper screen has various functions, including listing recent measurements and displaying previously-stored measurements.

The tool has eight buttons, many of which have multiple functions. For example, the button used to toggle between metric and imperial measurements also flips the orientation of the top display when long-pressed. Other buttons include capture (a measurement), cursor up/down, absolute measure from front or back of the chassis, clear, and laser.

Yes. Laser. One of the Tomahawk's primary selling points is a laser-line projector, which creates a bright green line to either side of the rule. The laser can help with scoring a measurement or fixing a horizontal or vertical alignment. Speaking of scoring, the T1 has a clip for a pencil or pen, so measuring and marking is almost a single step.

The Tomahawk comes equipped with Bluetooth to communicate with an upcoming mobile app. The app adds extra functionality by being able to record workflows and other pertinent information about a job. Presumably, things like recording cut lists and sending them to other crew members can be facilitated through the app.

The device is not without its downsides. For one, it's relatively fragile for a measuring tape. Standard professional tape measures can withstand drops from great distances. The Tomahawk is only drop rated for one meter. However, it has several mounting points for wrist straps or other securing devices to compensate for this weakness.

The price point is also a deal-breaker for the casual user. It retails for $260 but can be pre-ordered through Reekon's Kickstarter page for a pledge of $199. Both prices decrease the device's desirability for home use, but it's not unreasonable for hobbyists or construction professionals when compared with other digital tape offerings. Plus there is so much more that this tape can do, you really should check out the Kickstarter description.

Reekon started its funding campaign on Tuesday with the modest goal of raising $10,000. It shattered that objective in less than 24 hours and, as of publication, sits at $1.28 million with 58 days left in the fundraiser. Those interested should act fast if they want one for $199. There are only eight left before the minimum price bumps up to $229.