TL;DR: According to new leaks, AMD's Dragon Range mobile processors will have up to 16 cores and clock rates above 5 GHz. Meanwhile, the company's Phoenix lineup will feature fewer CPU cores but far better iGPU performance, thanks to the new RDNA3 architecture.

We've already had plenty of leaks regarding AMD's next-gen Ryzen 7000 desktop CPUs, but now we get to hear more about the alleged specs of its Zen 4-based mobile lineup, courtesy of YouTube channel Red Gaming Tech.

Rumors indicate that AMD's Dragon Range series will use desktop-class CPUs transferred into a thinner BGA package, similarly to Intel's Alder Lake-HX lineup. As a result, Dragon Range will feature up to 16 cores on the highest-end SKU, boost speeds of at least 5 GHz, and only two RDNA2 compute units. Laptop manufacturers will probably only use these processors in models with discrete graphics cards, making the underpowered iGPU a non-issue.

Meanwhile, AMD's Phoenix series will have TDPs ranging from 35W to 45W, targeting thin and light laptops instead. These processors will come with up to eight cores, trading CPU power for more capable integrated graphics and lower power consumption.

Phoenix processors will also supposedly feature AMD's new RDNA3 graphics architecture with up to 12 compute units. The leaker claims that the flagship model's iGPU might go up to 3 GHz, giving it a maximum compute performance of 9.2 TFLOPs, as much as some Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop variants.

AMD's Dragon Range and Phoenix CPUs will arrive sometime next year. However, the company's desktop Raphael lineup will launch later this year, giving us a first taste of the Zen 4 architecture.