CPU Performance

As you may have noticed, we haven't looked at DirectX 12 performance so far and that's because its implementation seems a little buggy. The average frame rates look great but we consistently noticed drops resulting in very low minimum figures. Let's take a look...

Using the Fury X we see that DX12 allows for a few more frames per second on average with the Core i7-6700K. However, the minimum frame rate was oddly 19% lower. Moving to the Core i5-6600K we find that again DX12 boosted the average frame rate by a small margin, yet this time we see an even larger 29% decrease when looking at the minimum frame rate.

The situation worsens with the Core i3-6100T processor. DX12 looks amazing here if you focus solely on the average frame rate as it improved the Fury X's performance by 14%. Sadly, we saw a 53% reduction in minimum frame rate and the story is similar for AMD's FX processors.

The GTX 1080 is slower using DirectX 12 and those same large dips in performance were recorded here, leaving no question that GeForce owners should be playing this game using DX11.