Synthetic Benchmarks

The 3DMark Cloud Gate test includes two graphics tests focusing on GPU performance and a physics test to measure CPU performance. As a result the CPU does play a rather large role in shaping the overall score and as you can see the Core i7 processors do exceptionally well here.

With a total score of 23121pts the Core i7-4770K was just a fraction faster than the i7-3770K, also making it slightly slower than the i7-3960X.

We have also included the old 3DMark 06 benchmark as it is still a good tool for measuring overall system performance. The Core i7-4770K produced our highest score of 28895pts, making it just 3% faster than the i7-3770K and 22% faster than the i7-3960X. Being an old program 3DMark 06 does not take full advantage of all the i7-3960X's cores and this is likely a problem for the AMD FX-8350 as well.

Finally we have PCMark 7 the current PCMark version, though it is soon to be replaced by version 8. Again the Core i7-4770K was the fastest processor tested scoring 6026pts, making it just 2% faster than the i7-3770K.