Little Snitch 3.0.3864 Preview 4 for Mac OS X

Prevent applications to connect to the developer's server without permission.

Mac OS X
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You start an application that tells you that a new version is available. You suddenly realize that with every start this application connects to the developer's server.

Even statistics information about your computer may be sent this way. Little Snitch helps you avoid this situation.

Little Snitch can even deny network connections to certain servers.

Trojan horses - i.e. programs transmitting unconsciously data stored on your computer - can be detected by Little Snitch and prevented on the transmission of data.


  • Prevents applications from "phoning home".
  • Protects you from trojans, worms, and other network parasites.
  • Shows which applications send information over the internet.
  • Provides a higher level of security for the paranoid.