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DLCCCATS / rundll32 [path] DLCCtime.dll, _RunDLLEntry@16

File Name: rundll32 [path] DLCCtime.dll, _RunDLLEntry@16
Status: DLCCCATS may be required at startup for a certain device or program to run properly.
Additional Info: Related to the Dell AIO A964 printer/scanner/copier which comes bundled with many Dell computers. Required for the Dell Ink Management System. If you use the 964 printer, Dell recommends leaving dlcctime.dll in place as it fixes compatibility issues on some Dell systems. If you receive an error message on system startup that reads: "Error in C:WINDOWSSystem32spooldriversW32x863DLCCtime.dll Missing entry: RunDLLEntry" Dell offers help here

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