HTC teases squeezable smartphone ahead of May unveiling

HTC has sent out press invitations for an event next month in which it appears as though the company will showcase a squeezable smartphone. An image accompanying the invitation carries the tagline, “Squeeze for the Brilliant U” along with a…

Full Throttle Remastered Review

Full Throttle Remastered feels like a supernova. It's bombastic, head-turning, and holds your attention during the brief time it flashes. The classic adventure game holds up today, but, unlike other Double Fine games, it doesn't benefit much from a remaster. The original was already as good as it needed to be.

Twitch is adding two new subscription options

Twitch recently announced plans to introduce two new subscription tiers – on top of the existing $4.99 tier – that’ll let partners offer additional perks to their most loyal subscribers (and of course, generate additional income).

AOC rolls out 40-inch, 4K UHD curved monitor

Dell’s UltraSharp 4K UP3216Q forever changed my outlook on monitors. Once a proponent of multiple standard-size monitors to boost productivity, the time I spent with Dell’s fantastic display convinced me that a single, large-screen 4K monitor was the only way…