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Down or just me? Amazon S3 downtime causing disruptions across the web

Not you. Amazon Web Services is having issues today causing disruptions and slowness, impacting thousands of websites that rely on S3 for content delivery, especially if you are in certain regions of the U.S. where troubled East coast servers are supposed to mirror content. Amazon is working to resolve the issue but some customers “will continue to experience high error rates” until this is fully sorted.

Amazon may be working on video conferencing services for business

Amazon quietly acquired a San Francisco-based startup called Biba Systems last year, and according to TechCruch, it plans to use the technology and team behind it to launch a video conferencing product to complement its existing own-brand, cloud-based services for…

Amazon releases a programmable Dash Button for IoT

Amazon is taking its Dash button concept and introducing a programmable variation that can be taught to control your IoT devices. The AWS IoT Button is not really meant for the general public but rather developers looking to get started…