Chipmaker articles

AMD is cutting five percent of its workforce

Advanced Micro Devices is planning to trim about five percent of its global workforce as part of a cost-saving restructuring effort. Drew Prairie, a spokesperson for the company, told Reuters that just shy of 500 employees would lose their jobs.

Qualcomm could face antitrust investigation in the EU

The world's top mobile chipmaker, Qualcomm, looks as though it will be facing a European antitrust investigation, according to reports. The investigation is based on a complaint from a Nvidia subsidiary from 2010 which accused Qualcom of anticompetitive behavior. While…

IDC lowers semiconductor revenue outlook for 2012, 2013

IDC has lowered its outlook for global semiconductor revenue in 2012 and 2013. Previously, the outfit expected industry revenue to grow 4.6% to $315 billion this year, but its latest forecast has reduced those figures to less than 1% growth…