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Valve boss: "We want EA's games on Steam"

As you've undoubtedly heard, some of EA's games have been retracted from Valve's digital distribution platform. When Crysis 2 first disappeared from Steam in June, gamers immediately assumed that the decision was part of an overarching strategy to force users…

GameFly prepping "Unlimited PC Play" service

By-mail video game rental service GameFly will be launching an online client that allows for “Unlimited PC Play” later this year. More specifically, members will be able to download and play computer titles on their PC (and later Mac) from…

1C: UK retailers refuse to sell Steam-enabled games

Speaking with Computer and Video Games about the state PC game distriubtion, Darryl Still of 1C, a Russian developer and publisher, claimed that some UK retailers refuse to sell Steamworks titles. According to Still, certain big-box stores have warned publishers…

EA CEO: we're switching from discs to digital

Electronic Arts is aware that the future of gaming lies in digital content and wants to eventually move away from physical discs. In fact, EA CEO John Riccitiello is planning to completely convert the gaming giant.