Drone articles

DJI now offers insurance policies for your drone

Drone maker DJI revealed a couple of years back that it was developing a parachute designed to minimize damage to a drone in freefall. The DropSafe Speed Reduction System eventually made it to market although its $800+ price point and…

Drone maker DJI opens flagship retail store in Shenzhen

Renowned drone maker DJI has opened its first flagship retail store in Shenzhen, China. The 800-square-meter facility (around 8,611 square feet) features display areas, a repair center, theater, lounge and even an indoor test flight area manned by skilled DJI pilots.

GoPro teases its first drone, 'Karma'

We've known for the better part of the year that GoPro was working on a consumer-oriented, camera-equipped drone. Now, the company has made it official and even given it a name: Karma. Outside of a forecasted 2016 launch date, however,…