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Weekend tech reading: Meet the hackers of Pwn2Own

Weekend tech reading: Meet the hackers of Pwn2Own

At a Google-run competition in ­Vancouver last month, the search giant’s famously secure Chrome Web browser fell to hackers twice. Both of the new methods used a rigged ­website to bypass Chrome’s security protections and completely hijack a target computer. But while those two hacks...

Mozilla releases Firefox 10 stable version

Mozilla releases Firefox 10 stable version

Mozilla has released Firefox 10 as a fully stable version available for download today. The latest iteration of the open source browser brings a number of minor changes that are mostly behind the scenes, since the big UI tweaks are…
How to access the new YouTube homepage now

How to access the new YouTube homepage now

YouTube is currently testing a new layout for their landing page that is rolling out in stages. If you are impatient and want to try it for yourself now, you are in luck as there is a way to force the new homepage should you happen to use...