In-app purchases articles

Valve launches developer-run Item Stores on Steam

Valve has launched a new feature that allows developers to sell in-game items outside of their games (yet still within Steam). They’re appropriately known as Item Stores and thus far, only one game – Rust, the open-world survival title from…

Gaming to account for a third of all mobile revenues in 2015

Mobile gaming revenues are expected to grow by 16.5 percent this year, totaling $3.04 billion. The figure – which includes downloads and in-app purchases – highlights the stagnant state of eBook and music downloads according to a new report from eMarketer.

Amazon to fight FTC on kids in-app purchases issue

Amazon says it's ready to fight a legal battle against the Federal Trade Commission to defend itself against allegations that it hasn't done enough to prevent kids from making unauthorized in-app purchases, and hence should make certain policy changes and pay…