Instant messaging articles

Telegram 3.16 allows you to unsend messages

The latest version of Telegram offers your regular serving of bug fixes, a couple of new features and improvements -- especially on Android. The most interesting of the latter is the new ability to unsend any weird or regrettable messages you might have shared in the last 48 hours. Telegram is multi-platform and available for download here for Windows, macOS, Android, iPhone, and more.

Yahoo relaunches Messenger app with a modern flair

Yahoo has scooped up what’s likely dozens of companies over the past few years, all in an attempt to remain relevant in the modern era. Ironically enough, it’s a software relic from the past that could steer the ship back…

Firefox update brings built-in instant messenger

The latest update of Mozilla’s Firefox browser, version 41, has been released for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android with some handy new upgrades including an integrated messenger feature based around Firefox Hello, the browser’s integrated VoIP client.

WhatsApp Web finally adds iOS support

Almost eight months after WhatsApp Web debuted on Chrome and Android, the desktop web app for the messaging service now finally supports iOS. This means Apple users can keep their accounts and messages in sync between the web app and…

Neowin Review: Trillian 5 Instant Messenger

Trillian, the popular instant messaging client, has reached version 5 after a lengthy beta program. Developed by Cerulean Studios, the software has been around since late 2002 as an alternative to Windows Live Messenger and also incorporates several other IM…