Investment articles

Chinese Internet giant Baidu to invest in Uber

Just a couple of weeks after it raised $1.2 billion in a round of funding that valued the company at $40 billion, Uber has announced that it has entered into a partnership with China-based search engine Baidu.

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim invests $40 million in Shazam

Mexican business tycoon Carlos Slim recently invested $40 million in music recognition service Shazam. The cash infusion will help the company with continued growth in music, aid expansion efforts into television and help make inroads into Latin American according to…

Samsung to buy 3% stake in Sharp for $112 million

Sharp has confirmed it will be receiving a 10.4 billion yen (around $112 million) investment from Samsung for a 3% stake in the company. The two have done business in the past but this deal will further strengthen that relationship, …