Iphone 5s articles

Apple iPhone 6c shows up in leaked images

Apple didn’t release a “c” version of its current generation iPhone. Instead, the company elected to make the standard iPhone 6 its “budget” offering while the iPhone 6 Plus was delegated as the premium product.

Apple iPhone 5s Review

As an incremental update, the new iPhone 5s borrows heavily from its predecessor, building upon its solid foundation yet adding an all-new 64-bit A7 processor, the Touch ID fingerprint reader, a totally revamped operating system, while also learning a few new software tricks that enhance how the camera operates.

Blue Screen of Death comes to the iPhone 5s

Some users have discovered an unexpected issue with their shiny new iPhone 5s: a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD). The BSoD is most commonly associated with Windows, where a kernel error would cause the computer to reboot after a message…

iPhone 5S motion sensor issues could be hardware related

Apple’s latest flagship iPhone is selling at a record pace but widespread reports of problems with the phone’s internal motion sensors could spell trouble for Cupertino. Many are claiming the accelerometer, compass and gyroscope in the iPhone 5S are extremely…