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Microsoft introduces NUads, interactive TV ads with Kinect

Microsoft introduces NUads, interactive TV ads with Kinect

Microsoft has announced plans to bring interactive ads to Xbox 360 consoles using the voice and gesture-recognizing capabilities of Kinect. Speaking at the Cannes International Advertising Festival, Microsoft's General Manager for the Advertising Business Group Mark Kroese unveiled Kinect NUads,…
Microsoft releases Kinect for Windows SDK Beta

Microsoft releases Kinect for Windows SDK Beta

As promised, Microsoft has made the Kinect for Windows SDK beta available for download, enabling programmers to create applications for PCs utilizing motion-sensing technology. This non-commercial version of the SDK will give users full access to everything the peripheral has…
Microsoft announces plans for Kinect SDK

Microsoft announces plans for Kinect SDK

When the Kinect first launched back in November it took the hacking community mere hours to develop unofficial PC drivers and start toying with numerous alternative uses for the device, showing off stuff like Minority Report-style interfaces and holographic video…