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SATA Express 101: Higher computer speeds are coming

We were recently asked if the SF3700, LSI's latest flash controller, supports SATA Express and fired away with a bunch of other questions about the standard. The depth of this customer's curiosity suggested a broader need for education on the…

Understanding SSDs: Why SSDs hate write amplification

I often tell people that SSDs work better with more free space, so anything that increases free space will keep WA lower. The two key ways to expand free space (thereby decreasing WA) are to 1) increase over provisioning and 2) keep more storage space free (if you have TRIM support).

SATA DevSleep: Getting us closer to instant-on laptops

A few years ago, SATA-IO added a new feature to the SATA specification designed to reduce battery consumption in portable computer products. DevSleep, enables SSDs to act more like smartphones, allowing you to go days without plugging in to recharge and then instantly turn them on.