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Sapphire Edge VS8 Review: The $500 Mini PC

While full-sized desktop computers are still around, tablets and smartphones have proven that technology has come far enough to essentially cram a fully capable computer into a space that is suitable for your pants pocket, a purse, or a small backpack. This idea of shrinking hardware hasn’t been overlooked by manufacturers as several now feature space-saving designs based on mobile hardware.

Such is the case with Sapphire’s new Edge VS8 mini-PC powered by AMD’s A8 APU. The system is hardly any larger than an external optical drive, while still packing 4GB of DDR3 memory, Radeon HD 7600G graphics, a 500GB SATA HDD, built-in support for Bluetooth 3.0 as well as 802.11 b/g/n wireless and a bevy of rear I/O connections.

HP preps new business netbook, Mini 1103

Business users shopping for a netbook just got another option: HP's Mini 1103. The bite-sized notebook draws many parallels with the company's consumer-grade Mini 210, but it forgoes the cheery 'luminous rose' colored plastic lid for a more conservative black…

HP preps updated business netbook, Mini 5103

HP has quietly listed an updated version of the Mini 5102 business netbook on its Italian website. Since it's intended for professionals, the Mini 5103 offers a plethora of configurations compared to consumer-grade netbooks. Hardware options include an Intel Atom…