Modular articles

Intel's Compute Card is modular hardware for Internet of Things devices

Modular hardware hasn’t exactly resonated with consumers. PC-on-a-stick devices like Intel’s Compute Stick and the sea of me-too devices that followed seemingly vanished overnight. Similarly, modular smartphone concepts like Project Ara never made it off the ground while companies like LG…

LG G5 Review: LG's flagship smartphone goes modular

With the G5 LG has boldly redesigned their flagship to include new ideas that they hope will capture the eyes of buyers. The biggest and most obvious one is the modular design, which sees the battery slide out the bottom of the handset attached to a swappable module that can be used to add in other features. There's also an all new metal design and an upgraded 2-lens camera system.

The Click-ARM One is a Project Ara-like modular tablet

Tech enthusiasts are gearing up for Google's Project Ara launch later this year, which will finally bring swappable components to the smartphone space. At this stage, Google has no plans to bring hardware modularity to tablets, but that hasn't stopped Spanish…