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Get with the Times: These 9 Devices Might Be a Waste of Your Money

Sometimes it pays to buy slightly older devices in place of tempting deals on newly released tech. But that approach to buying electronics can only take you so far. As today's gadgets become ever more powerful and multi-purpose, there are some product categories that are nearing outright extinction and would make for silly purchases. Before you consider buying any of the items on this list, think long and hard about whether such a device is not a waste of your money.

Tuesday tech deals: $80 off 16GB Philips Android MP3 player

Best Buy offers the Philips Android Connect 16GB MP3 Player in Black for $109.99 with free shipping. That's the lowest total price we could find by $80. It includes sound-isolating headphones and features a 3.2" 720p touch-screen LCD, 16GB internal flash memory, FM tuner...