Origin articles

Weekend game deals: 50% off The Darkness II, Rage, BF3, Crysis 2

Ending a dry spell on digital discounts, EA has cut 50% off virtually its entire Origin catalog as part of a weeklong spring sale. Before you check: Mass Effect 3 isn't reduced, but if you buy the game at full price you'll get Batman: Arkham City for $10. Meanwhile, GameStop has 50% off...

The obscure and grim side of digital distribution

In many cases digital distribution services deserve praise - Steam being the prime example in my book - but it's also true that as content publishing moves to pure digital form, we are slowly getting forced into closed ecosystems, whether it makes sense or not, or when convenience comes at the cost of freedom.

Cyber Monday store discount round-up

All in all, it's been a busier Black Friday and holiday shopping season start that we've seen in recent years, at least from my perspective. As usual online retailers have followed up with special discounts for Cyber Monday.

Valve boss: "We want EA's games on Steam"

As you've undoubtedly heard, some of EA's games have been retracted from Valve's digital distribution platform. When Crysis 2 first disappeared from Steam in June, gamers immediately assumed that the decision was part of an overarching strategy to force users…