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MegaUpload shut down by US government, four execs arrested

MegaUpload shut down by US government, four execs arrested

The US government has shut down one of the world's largest filesharing destinations, calling the service an "international organized criminal enterprise allegedly responsible for massive worldwide online piracy." In cooperation with the United States, New Zealand arrested four MegaUpload executives…
Trivia Tuesday: Some facts about BitTorrent

Trivia Tuesday: Some facts about BitTorrent

Torrenting is perhaps one of the favorite ways for internet users to download copyrighted material for free. It involves downloading a .torrent file and loading it into a torrent program, which then finds users around the internet (thanks to "trackers") who…
BitTorrent downloads linked to RIAA and DHS

BitTorrent downloads linked to RIAA and DHS

The recent launch of has been attracting an ever-increasing audience as internet users scramble to see what publicly available data is stored against IP addresses they use. For those guilty of piracy the site offers a disturbing insight into…