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Here we go again: Is Windows 10 Free? Yes, and No. An Explainer

Microsoft is set to release Windows 10 on July 29th and users of current versions of the operating system will get an upgrade free of charge. So where's the confusion? Microsoft has sent mixed signals (more than once) and speculation has built on top of that about who gets the free upgrade and who doesn't, if Insiders get a free pass or not. Here's an overview of the different upgrade paths to Windows 10 that explains it all.

Intel: The return on investment for PC refresh

John Mahvi from Intel IT diagrams the financial logic the company uses to justify a regular refresh of Intel's PC fleet. By maintaining a refresh cadence of approximately 3 years, Intel gains the benefits of increased security and manageability capabilities, increased productivity and lower overall costs.

Office 2013: To upgrade or not to upgrade

For many of us, Office 2007 brought some unsettling changes. The ‘ribbon’ interface was tough for some users to get the hang of, but brought an exciting new way to interact with word processing. Office 2010 refined the features of…