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Weekend tech reading: Wikipedia may be nearing "completion"

Weekend tech reading: Wikipedia may be nearing "completion"

For about the last five years, Wikipedia has had trouble getting and keeping new volunteer editors. The foundation behind Wikipedia has made building up the editor base a major goal, and is attacking it from all angles, such as encouraging a culture that is friendlier to newbies...

Wikipedia co-founder: we're losing contributors

Wikipedia co-founder: we're losing contributors

Wikipedia, which is run by the nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation, is starting to lose contributors. The multilingual online encyclopedia with over 19 million articles needs the volunteers to write and edit its articles in order to stay relevant, both in terms…
Wikipedia wants 1 billion users, 200,000 editors by 2015

Wikipedia wants 1 billion users, 200,000 editors by 2015

The Wikimedia Foundation (parent organization of Wikipedia) has shared a five-year strategic plan that outlines the group's key priorities and intended milestones. The plan was developed through a collaborative effort that began in 2009 and involved more than 1,000 participants worldwide.

Happy Birthday: Wikipedia turns 10 today

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that anyone can edit, first launched on January 15, 2001. Today, the website is thus 10 years old. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Wikipedia is hosting some 400 conferences and parties across the globe. In traditional…