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Op-Ed: Sexiest New Devices? PCs...

After narrowly escaping death (well, OK, not really, but a lot of people sure tried to convince us of it), the PC industry is regaining some color in its face, and starting to make some bold moves forward. Yes, the…

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S Review

Lenovo's latest entrant in the hybrid marketplace brings full Windows 8 to the 11-inch form factor. The Lenovo Yoga 11S is described on the company’s website as a groundbreaking multimedia mini ultrabook, measuring just 11.6-inches, the convertible is a bit lighter than the Yoga 13 (although not by much) at 3.08 pounds.

What it lacks in size compared to the larger Yoga 13, however, is reflected in the price tag as it starts at just $750.