Youtube articles

Ricoh updates 360-degree camera at IFA

YouTube this past spring enabled support for 360-degree video uploads. The forward-looking format certainly sounds appealing yet as is often the case with emerging technology, early implementations leave a lot to be desired.

YouTube rolls out refreshed web player

If you’ve visited YouTube today and noticed something different, you aren’t alone. The Google-owned company has given its web-based video player a sleek new makeover that scores high in the aesthetics department.

"Ghost Towns" is the first 8K video on YouTube

One of our informal real-world performance tests when reviewing a new desktop or notebook is monitoring how well it can handle a 4K video on YouTube. It may not sound all that impressive but the truth is, many systems struggle…

YouTube now supports 60 fps live streaming

Google is continuing their push into the live streaming market, today announcing that YouTube now supports live-streaming 720p and 1080p content at the game-friendly frame rate of 60 fps.