A great background or wallpaper can start your day off on a good mood. There’s certainly no shortage of places to find something to revitalize your desktop, whether you are into beautiful landscapes, minimalism, abstract illustrations, or eye-catching designs and patterns. With the kind of hours we spend looking at our computer and smartphone screens, why not make them a little prettier?

Throughout the week we'll be sharing some beautiful wallpapers gathered from around the web by members of the TechSpot staff, each day covering a different theme. Today's theme is retro wallpapers.

5 days, 5 killer tech tips is a TechSpot monthly feature

On the third week of every month, we'll publish 5 killer tech tips, one for each day of the week for a given app, service, or platform. This month we're doing something different, sharing with you a collection of awesome wallpapers to use on your desktop PC, laptop or smartphone.


Daft Punk with a Delorean

Retro Radio

LOLing Skeletor

Retro music


Cassette tape

Cartoon Network Characters

Chun Li vs Charlie aka 'Break'

Lego New York

Mario Fan Art

HD Triangle

Minimalist Vader

Shadows of Tatooine

Super Mario World Panorama

Multicolor Splash

Printed Circuit Board

Retro Star Wars

Windows XP's Wallpaper