0x800CCC15 Error in Outlook XP

By cbunes
Feb 7, 2005
  1. Hiya.

    I need some help with a problem that is bugging me. I have some trouble with Outlook XP. I'm getting the 0x88CCC15 error code. I've tried reinstalling TCP/IP and rebooting my computer, but the problem is still there...

    I've tried searching all the threads in this forum for the error code and also tried google. All seem to reccommend reinstalling TCP/IP, but I cannot find any more references as to what can be done if I'm still getting the same error after this fix. (Well, there is _one_ but I'm going to have to pay to find out what it is... Don't like that.)

    Any good, helpful ideas that'll get me back in business?

    Oh and by the way: This is WinXP with SP2.
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